Sometimes we come across situations where we need to count numbers of words, characters etc. from some content. Lets say we are creating a Rails app like in which the user buy/sell their content, there users are charged based on the number of words written in the article. This…

RuboCop is a very popular gem among ruby developers for the static code analysis of the ruby codebase. It does static code analysis as per ruby style guide. …

Sometimes we come across situations where we need to add tags to some items e.g. there is an online shopping website which sells various items such as clothes, electronics, books, mobile accessories .etc. Now if there are items such as earphones, power banks, data cables etc. these all can be…


Sails is a lightweight framework that sits on top of Express. Its ensemble of small modules work together to provide simplicity, maintainability, and structural conventions to NodeJS apps.

What is SailsJS?

Sails is one of the most popular MVC framework used to build NodeJS apps. And for those who are from Ruby on…

While working on the project we came across the situation where the client told us the page load time of our home page is very high and we must do anything in the world in order to reduce this load time as it is the heart of our website.


Credit: Piexa

In my previous post I explained what is Handlebars JS and how we can use it with Ruby on Rails. …

Mailchimp and webhooks

This article will guide you on how we can take the advantage of the Mailchimp web hooks in order to keep our database synchronized with mailchimp data. Actually in our database we stored the data from mailchimp user profile such as email, name and subscription status(i.e subscribed or unsubscribed).


Rails + Mocha JS + Chai JS

It has been quite some time since we started writing RSpecs for our Rails applications. We had written tests for our rails models, views and controllers. So whole MVC part was covered with tests. In the beginning we had very less JavaScript code in our applications but with the time…


Requirement: Compare two contents(HTML, JavaScript code or any other text) and find text difference in percentage(%) between them.

Technology: Ruby on Rails

Versions: Rails: 5.1.4 , Ruby: 2.4.1 (would work with almost any version)

Git Repo:

We are going to build something like below.

React + Rails + Webpacker

This tutorial will guide you on how to create a Ruby on Rails application and add the power of webpacker and React JS to it.

Let’s have a brief introduction to Webpacker and React JS. If you are familiar with React JS and Webpacker directly go to Implementation section.

What is React JS?

  • React…

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